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For the Personal World Map only flight data related to capitals has been used. Due to technical and time limitations it was necessary to concentrate on a limited amount of cities. Using capitals only was a logical solution, as every country is then represented by one city which in most cases (but unfortunately not always) has the best connected international airport.

The flight data used in the Personal World Map has been supplied by OpenJaw Technologies. Through a connection with their Xdistributor it was possible to access the test database of one of the four worldwide Computer Reservation Systems (CRS). The Xdistributor is an application that translates data from the CRS into XML (Extensible Markup Language) according to standards developed by the Open Travel Alliance (OTA).

The flight information request was based on two-way ticket availability for one person, with a departure date five days later than the request date returning two weeks after departure. The lowest fare was used for the representation of the travel costs

Geographical data, airport data, time zones data and capitals data has been obtained from different web resources.