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Towards an integrated regional economic development strategy

This web application is a publication of PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) and presents information related to economic competitiveness at European regions. Three forms of regional economic policy (sector, innovation and competition policy) are combined to allow users to get a grip on regional economic policy strategy.

Regional policy makers are the main target audience of the web application and for this reason all information is region related.

In order to make the somewhat complex information more accessible to users, the web application offers a dynamically generated region report where all results related to the region are explained and combined with charts.

The "interactive policy pages" allow users to explore the information through a set of interactive data visualisations. The user can select different production sectors and regions and interact with the visualisations.

Year: 2016-2017
Activities: Website Design and development including interactive data visualisations
Client: PBL - Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands
Technologies used: HTLM5, JavaScript, Angular, D3.js, Bootstrap


One important requirement of this project was to fulfil accessibility requirements according to WCAG 2.0.  In order to offer alternatives to the visualisations, tables are presented in every page containing data related to each visualisation. All columns can be sorted and filtered giving more possibilities of exploring the data.

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