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Remittance flows

Following a previous project "Migrant Moving Money", this interactive visualization shows remittance flows between countries.

The countries are placed around the circle according to the continent/region they belong to and can be senders or receptors of money (Remittances sent/Remittances received). When clicking on a country the remittance flows related to that country are shown.

Based on the World Bank's dataset: "Bilateral remittance estimates using migrant stocks, destination country incomes, and source country incomes"

Year: 2012
Activities: concept, design and development
Client: self-initiated project
Featured at: Exhibition: This project has been part of gallery "The Big Picture" during Ars Electronica 2012.
Blog: World Bank Data Viz -
Book: Visual Simplexity, Markus Nix
Technologies used: HTML5, JavaScript, D3.js
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