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Groundwater in movement

Almost all over the world groundwater in aquifers is being drained faster than the natural recharge.

"Groundwater in movement" is a submission for HeadsUP! Times Square Visualization Challenge organized by (former data visualization community platform) consisting in creating a motion graphic on the TS2 signs in NYC's Times Square. The motion graphic should alert people to current groundwater trends.

The approach of the submission is based on giving an overview of the global situation and trends while playing special attention to the local situation in critical areas.

This was achieved by presenting a global water mass change visualization in one of the signs and switching between different critical areas on the other signs, focussing in this way on the different reasons for groundwater depletion.

Year: 2011
Activities: concept, design and development
Client: self-initiated project
Working together with: Enrique Krahe
Award: The project has received a Honorable Mention at the HeadsUp! Times Square Visualization Challenge
Technologies used: Flash ActionScript
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