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When we talk about migration in the Netherlands we mostly think about immigrants coming to settle in the country for different reasons. The general impression is that immigrants come here to stay.

This chart shows migration in the Netherlands between 1995 and 2020 based on the migrants' country of birth. It's divided in two parts: the positive vertical axis shows immigration while the negative axis shows emigration. Each coloured layer represents a different country of birth, the layers are ordered alphabetically.

It's easy to see that each year, apart from immigration, there's a substantial number of emigrants. Some of these emigrants are probably people that are going back to their own country but there's also a big amount of Dutch people settling abroad. Between 2003 and 2007 net migration has been negative, this means there were more emigrants than immigrants.

To get more details on a certain country move the mouse over the chart or search the country. Explore the chart by switching the origin of migrants between countries, continents and western/ non western countries. You can include or exclude dutch migrants.

Created by
Roxana Torre
Original version: February 2015
Last data update: September 2021
The data used in this visualisation is from CBS Statistics Netherlands.
Dataset: Immigration and emigration and the administrative corrections in the Netherlands by country of birth, sex, age and marital status. (dutch version)
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