"Migrants moving money" shows the global movements of money due to remittances (money sent by migrants to their home country). Remittances flows are only an estimation of the total amount money being sent, as it's not possible to keep track on all money sent in informal ways. For details about the data see DATA AND DETAILS.

Looking at wealth inequality in the world, migration and remittances can be seen as a spontaneous process of trying to get more balance in world wealth.

In contrast to all direct efforts made by governments in trying to alleviate poverty, the remittances are particular initiatives which all together have in some cases a (notable) influence in the country GDP and are therefore contributing to poverty alleviation.

This visualization shows remittances sent and received from/by the different countries. Switching between "received" and "sent" is possible from the menu at the left side. When selecting "Remittances received" the arrows (which become visible when visiting the countries with your mouse) will show from which countries migrants are sending money to the chosen country. The thickness and intensity of color of the arrows will indicate the value of the estimated amount received, while the estimated amount can be read beside the name of the "sending" country. When choosing "Remittances sent" the arrows will show to which countries are migrants sending money from the selected country. Again, the intensity and thickness of the arrows will give an indication of the estimated amount sent and the estimated value will be visible beside the "receiving" country.

The countries are grouped by continent and within each continent they are ordered alphabetically. The grouping of the countries by continent make possible to see in which cases remittances are coming from countries in the same continent (mainly due to south-south migration).

Note that not for all countries there are remittances sent AND received (the values are probably not known). This means that for some countries no arrows will be visible. However for all countries shown in the circle there are known values for remittances sent or received (at least one of them). Countries with no known values at all have been removed.

This project is the result of a redesign process of the first version which was originally created by Trudy Davis (concept, content) and Roxana Torre (concept, design and development) (Netherlands) as submission for the Apps for Development competition.

For the development of the visualization Flex SDK and Flare have been used.

Roxana Torre


June, 2011