Remittance flows

This visualization shows the global movements of money due to remittances (money sent by migrants to their home country).

Note: The values presented here are only an estimation of the total amount money being sent, as it's not possible to keep track on all money sent in informal ways.

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Click on a country to see the remittance flows. Two different views are possible: Remittances sent and received, indicating if the selected country will be the one sending or receiving. The width of the country circle arc is proportional to the amount sent or received. Hovering over the lines will show the estimated remittance value between the countries.
The countries are grouped by continent and within the continent in subregions.

Data used: "Bilateral remittance estimates using migrant stocks, destination country incomes, and source country incomes" (World Bank) which can be downloaded here.
Created using html5/svg/javascript and the D3.js library. Based on the Chord layout (inspired by Circos).
See also my project Migrants moving money, a slightly different approach to the same subject.
Roxana Torre
email: roxana(at)

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